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Sound Examples
escwyp-20180628.tar.gz MD5 sum = 3912cd1be103cad3dc38df47f49b4245
Escwyp is a sound generating program.
Picture to the left. The GUI is using
Elementary, the Widget Toolkit of EFL
For sound out it uses either JACK or ALSA.
Other outputs are planned.
You can download the sources -> here
and if you have CMake, Elementary,
JACK and/or ALSA, you may be able
to compile it, and run it.
But looking at the picture is easier.
A short descripton of the controls
of the different sound methods.
At the moment the program compiles and
works best with recent versions of
of EFL/Elementary (at least 1.8).
Arch Linux provides such packages
for example.
A short descripton of the basic GUI elements.
It even compiles and runs on
Ubuntu 14.04 (EFL 1.7) But still
has some problems with the GUI
for patch loading.
To compile/run on Ubuntu you need
libjack-dev and jackd(optional)
libjack0 and/or qjackctl (optional)
It has also been tested on Debian 8
and Fedora 22 (run dnf install
cmake gcc make elementary-devel
And it compiles and runs on OpenBSD 5.7
but has graphical problems because
it is also Elementary 1.7 here (have to
fix that) and Linking in CMake is broken.