Here the newest version
for the interested.
New here: new image for the
slider in SineRobin which can
set values fast and slow. And
it is possipble now to switch
between Jack, Alsa and No audio
output during runtime. Mh.
And Recording should be more stable.
And it compiles and almost runs
on NetBSD (of course). Seems to be
a general Elementary problem there.
And it compiles+runs on DragonflyBSD 4.4!
And limited terminal control. Try command
./escwyp aont
New edje Keyboard. CRAZY.
Now with sticky key mode and clear
button. And you can switch the sound
methods now while notes are playing.
md5sum of escwyp-20180628.tar.gz
= 3912cd1be103cad3dc38df47f49b4245
Currently working on edje themes for
Elementary sliders so they behave like
And working on Recording, so you can
record the sounds you play and export
them as Text or Audio files.